Saturday, September 7, 2013

An avite-tation!

For the past week or so Isaac has asked me for "Jesus stories" at bedtime every night. For three nights now he's wanted to hear the story of Jesus dying on the cross and living again. 
(Where that came from I'll never know but be still a Momma's heart all the same!)

Tonight he asked me a bunch of questions about Jesus and His life and basically wanted to make sure He was a real person. We talked about it for a while and then this,

"Momma, I'm ready to avite (how he says invite which is adorable) Jesus to live in my chest and be my best friend."

Holding back the tears was difficult as we said a prayer asking Jesus into his little heart.

When we finished he hugged my neck and told me thank you for helping and then he said,

"Momma, that makes me so happy and sunshine inside and now Jesus is my warrior too!"

It's moments like these...

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